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Department of Labor predicts increase in all employment up to 10.5 million.
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Basics of Hospital Jobs

Once the human resources department receives your resume and/or application, the staff will review your skills and qualifications. If an opening is available that matches your competencies, they will contact you to schedule an interview. In order to prepare for your interview we suggest the following:

Prepare to provide your social security number.

Prepare to provide professional reference information to the interviewer. (e.g. copies of evaluations from present or past employers and letters of reference from present or past supervisors.)

Record the name of the person who will be conducting the interview, the location of the interview and the date and time.

Prepare for the interview by learning about the organization beforehand.

Arrive to the interview on time–preferably 15 minutes early.

Be polite, courteous and demonstrate flexibility if asked to provide information or complete any information that is missing.

The recruiters look for specialized skills and knowledge, as well as personal qualities that would benefit you if you were hired. Motivation, professionalism, flexibility, and self-confidence are some examples of the qualities that we look for when interviewing job candidates.

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